Pascal Blais is a Canadian Animation Director, Academy Award winning producer, nominee and winner of over 50 international advertising and film awards in Canada, the United States, South America, Europe and Japan.  

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Pascal Blais has won much praise for his creativity and artistic innovation, as evidenced by the many industry and international awards collected over the years.


Capitalizing on the learning from 30+ years of experience in animating, directing and producing, as well as in shepherding talent, Pascal provides creative leadership at every stage of a production—from its inception through to final post and completion, to ensure that each project achieves high entertaining values, maintains great artistic standards, and in the case of commercial projects, stays true to the brand.

Experienced in working with many different styles and complex productions and co-productions worldwide, he is skilled in working simultaneously with multiple stakeholders. In doing so, he forged strong relationships with key international networks, partners and production studios, as well as with many of the world's finest writers and talents.

Working in tandem with various development groups, secures projects to not only have the right minds and mindset, but also, the fortitude, stamina, or 'legs' to produce great results. Pascal also works closely with the production management teams, making sure that projects stay not only on the right path creatively, but also reflect realistic schedules and remain within budget.” 

As the driving creative force behind Studio Pascal Blais, he has strived to broaden the range of animation services offered— from Traditional Animation, to Stop-Motion, Clay Animation, 3D Animation, Mixed Media, and more.


From the outset, his work established itself as a beacon for international talent, attracting such acclaimed artists as Alexander Petrov, Cordell Barker and Rob Valley, among many others.      


"Over the years we've worked with some of the greatest artists in the world, refining and sometimes even redefining the art of animation,"

says Blais.

His strategic planning qualities have not only contributed to the Company's success over the years, but also, have been instrumental in its becoming the longest-standing commercial animation studio in Canada.


Adapting and molding the Company throughout the years to reflect the reality of ever-changing world markets, he has ensured the evolution of the Studio's ability to serve and lead in the international advertising scene.

A unique combination of acumen and insight allow him to consistently find the best creative solutions for every new challenge.

Tel: 1.514.996.4772


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